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Dia.350-3500mm Diamond Saw Blade Welding Rack Brazing Machine BWM-HJ350

The "BWM-HJ350" Semi-Automatic Brazing Machine Welding Rack is used for Welding Diamond Circular Saw Blade from ø350mm to ø3500mm, Standard welded 2500mm saw blade ( Should be boosted 1000mm high).  In addition, it also can be used for welding gang saw blade after specially modification, It is a new type of diamond saw blade welding auxiliary equipment.


Diamond Saw Blade Brazing machine Welding Rack has gripper, pneumatic sliding table and other high-precision components,thus greatly improving the welding accuracy and efficiency, to protect the segments and the base of the welding strength. Compared with similar welding machine with a high level of automation, positioning accuracy, stability, and long service life.This series of products using user-friendly design, general workers can operate on the machine.In addition, the welding machine compact structure, most of the wearing parts can be found and purchased in the pneumatic tools shop in your side, rather than relying on the service agents.


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