What Are The Product Features And Advantages Of Welding Frame Rack

Published by Boreway Machinery Oct 23,2021
What Are The Product Features And Advantages Of  Welding Frame Rack?
Induction Heating Machine
Use And Advantages Of The Product:

The welding frame of the saw blade is used for the welding and processing of the diamond saw blade.

It is a new type of auxiliary equipment for high frequency welding of the diamond saw blade, which can automatically complete the operation of high frequency heating, rapid cooling, knife head clamping, etc.

The machine is composed of high-precision parts such as air claw, knife head alignment and fine adjustment, so the welding accuracy and efficiency are greatly improved, and the welding strength of the joint block and the steel body is guaranteed.

Compared with similar products, it has the characteristics of high automation level, accurate positioning, good stability and long service life.

This series of products adopt humanized design, and can be operated by general workers.

The welding frame type 08 is suitable for a diameter of 250mm-900mm (the maximum welding diameter is 1400mm after the base pad height is 500mm).

Induction Heating Machine
HJ08 Welding Frame
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